The NEW 8280 TTV by Deutz-Fahr

10 Sep 2020
The NEW 8280 TTV by Deutz-Fahr

DEUTZ-FAHR is presenting through its digital channels: #AlwaysOnTractor

The new 8280 TTV, made in the DEUTZ-FAHR Land in Lauingen, Germany, represents the most advanced technology “Made in Germany”. Designed and developed for the most demanding farming applications, the new machine completes the high power range of the German manufacturer, concentrating on the new technologies at the farmer’s service: dynamic power, connectivity, comfort and reliability - the guidelines to engineer this project.

This innovative new tractor boasts a whole spectrum of unique new content and capabilities that set it apart from any other tractor in this class, along with unrivalled performance figures.

Dynamic power: #AlwaysOnTask

The 8280 TTV is equipped with the 6.1 litre twin-turbo DEUTZ 6-cylinder engine stage V with a maximum power up to 287 HP and delivers impressive 1226 Nm of torque. It is designed to offer great performance and a high level of efficiency: twin-turbo and CommonRail system at 2,000 bar ensures more immediate and responsive power and torque delivery.

The innovative powertrain is the result of a long experience and many years of research by the SDF Group and includes the new SDF T7780 continuously variable transmission.

A multi-stage epicyclic gearbox has been intelligently mated with a clutch unit and two hydrostatic units to create new composite transmission (Compound Concept) offering industry-beating performance in terms of power flow management, efficiency and traction force.

The 8280 TTV offers dynamic performances and boasts astonishing acceleration (up to 60 kp/h), progressive deceleration and lightning-fast responsiveness to changes in load.

Front dry disc brakes, two-speed front PTO, three rear PTO speed modes, CleanOil hydraulic system of 210 l/min – with impressive 90 l removable hydraulic oil, rear lift up to 11,100 Kg and high admissible load (16 ton), ensure additional versatility and extraordinary performance. The 8280 TTV was developed for tyre sizes with a diameter up to 2,05m, therefore we are able to offer a tyre size of 710/70r42.

Connectivity: #AlwaysOnTrack

Connectivity is becoming a point of reference for optimizing and managing agricultural activities, even remotely.). With CFS (Connected Farming System), the new 8280 TTV provides the best productivity and efficiency:

- ISOBUS (with up to 200 Sections Control, Variable Rate Control and Universal Terminal)

- “TIM” Certified (Tractor Implement Management – equipment can communicate with the tractor and manage operations)

- SDF Guidance (increased precision thanks to the new SR20 receiver, CTM module and Auto-Turn function)

- SDF Fleet Management included for 1 year (all the main data received in real time)

- Agrirouter (standardized data upload and download via cloud or USB port)

- XTend (iMonitor3 screen extension on tablet or smartphones)

Comfort: #AlwaysOnBoard

Deutz-Fahr has created a range-topping tractor that makes no compromises in terms of comfort in all applications. The intelligent front axle suspension can be also be adjusted in three settings (Auto, Normal and Soft). Together with air sprung cab suspension, automatic air conditioning, premium materials and generous interior space a comfortable and productive place to work has been developed.

Powerful 50,000 lumen LED working lights, the ergonomics of the cab and a logical control layout along with the Infotainment system of the latest generation, allows for long working hours in maximum comfort.

Man-machine interface is even more functional thanks to the unique iMonitor3 that enables the driver to simply interact with the main functions.

To make the machine even more relaxing to use, the MaxiVision2 cab is separate from the all-new engine cowl to prevent the transfer of heat, vibration and noise, taking driver comfort to unprecedented new heights.

Reliability: #AlwaysOnYourSide

The new 8280 TTV from Deutz-Fahr stands out by offering long service intervals (1,000 hours for engine oil and 1,500 hours for CleanOil in the hydraulic system) and ease of action in ordinary operations. This is immediately clear from the cooling pack, which can be opened by the user with a single lever to make cleaning and maintenance extraordinarily quick and simple. The same is true for inspecting oil levels, which can be checked at a glance.

Appropriate service platforms, an external connection for compressed air and the fuse tests on the electric circuit boards are just examples of the attention paid to ease of maintenance.

The new 8280 TTV is the extension to the DEUTZ-FAHR high power range tractor “made in Germany”.