The APV is a universal Pneumatic seeder that can be fitted to a range of power harrows, hoes, roller drills and weeders offering a cost effective means of establishing crops with reduced cultivation passes.

Featuring an electronically driven metering system the seed is delivered through plastic tubing to dispersion plates, where it then spreads accurately into the air current generated by electric fans – even in windy conditions.

The range includes three models with different specifications to suit individual requirements. The APV PS-300 weighing 70 kilograms features a 300 litre hopper and the latest 5.2 series monitor. The twin electric fan provides a 6 metre working width with 8 outlets. A fine and course dosing roller is included as standard on all three models. This provides a broad coverage of seeding from low to high rates.

The APV PS-500 is a larger option for farmers/contractors who want greater capacity and demand a larger working width. Featuring a 500 litre hopper and hydraulic fan as standard, the PS-500 offers greater seeding rates and a working width of up to 7 metres. Like all APV air seeders, an agitator is used in the base of the hopper to freely provide a consistent flow of seed to the metering system.

The PS 800 is a high specification large farmer and contractors unit. The PS 800 is supplied standard with a hydraulic fan and 16 outlets. The result is large working widths of up to 12 metres. With 16 outlets the customer can mount the unit and send 16 hoses down to dispersion plates. This does away with the need to run T intersections in the hoses when wanting to spread evenly across wider working widths.

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