Coming to a vineyard near you

16 Aug 2019
Coming to a vineyard near you

Its Italian Same cousin won Machine of the Year 2019 at the SIMA show in Paris. And now the arrival of the Deutz-Fahr Series 5D TTV will give specialised users another choice in a competitive market.

These tractors run the SDF Group FARMotion engine in 3 or 4-cylinder common-rail layouts and power ranging from 88 to 113hp. They also have electronic control, charge air cooling, DOC exhaust gas treatment and am eVisco cooling fan.

The engines are mated to a new continuously variable transmission built in-house by SDF. These offer stepless speeds between 0 to 40km/h and the ability to set ground speed independently of the tractor engine speed. They also have two ground speed cruise control settings for working or headland situations.

In transport tasks, 40km/h is achieved with only 1650rpm, said to save a lot of fuel. The rear linkage can lift 2600kg and can work with a front lift and PTO system that lifts 1500kg. Rear linkage and external hydraulic remotes are fed by a 100L/minute closed centre hydraulic pump that works alongside a 42L/min unit that runs the power steering system.

The tractors can be configured with up to five pairs of remotes at the rear and four more pairs of mid mounted outlets. Adjustable flow and time control is available on all remotes.

At the front of the machine, operators can use automated activation of the four wheel drive system, and 100% differential locks ensure best traction in all conditions. The automatically activated, rear axle differential is available for added traction and stability and four wheel braking is fitted as a standard.

In the newly designed cab a flat floor enhances the space available and gives good access. Four post layout and a rounded frame profile is gentle on plants as it passes along the rows. The cab also meets all standards to Class IV for driver protection, removing the need for PPE.

The InfoCenterPro high-res 5” monitor provides the driver with structured information on all operating states of the tractor, and tractor and engine speeds are shown on analogue dials. Operating controls for automatic functions such as front axle suspension, Auto4WD and SDD fast steering, plus the lever for the hydraulic parking brake and a cellphone holder, are located to the left and right of the centrally mounted InfoCenterPro display.

The new Maxcom joystick is incorporated into the right armrest, giving control of the transmission and other commonly used functions.

The tractors are available in three versions: the V model is a narrow machine for tight spaces; the S model has a wider front axle for enhanced turning and greater stability; and the F model has the widest configuration for best stability due to the wider stance of the tractor.

The S version can also be optioned with front axle suspension offering independent ‘wheel’ suspension and active steering. The system operates based on driving speed and steering angle, using sensors to supply data to the control unit, adapting shock absorber settings to control stiffness and damping, reducing vibration and increasing operator comfort.

Article retrieved from Rural News by Mark Daniel June 2019