1000 hour project underway in Taranaki

14 Apr 2022
1000 hour project underway in Taranaki

Sam Vickers and Jade Sklenars from the Power Farming Taranaki team are fronting the 1000 Hour Project – a new Facebook campaign where they’ll put the Deutz-Fahr 8280 Warrior to work in the region and share insights and feedback.

They’ll be documenting the Warrior’s journey through videos and photos, using the best of our Power Farming machinery to get the work done. They’re also encouraging some of their keen followers to get involved, whether that’s through seeing it in action or trying the tractor out for themselves.

Sam takes up the story:

“The 1000 hour project aims to give Professional Operators in Taranaki a real opportunity to put Deutz Fahr tractors to the test in their own working environment, and give them the chance to answer their own questions

Power Farming Taranaki has purchased a Deutz Fahr 8280 – Warrior edition for use in a long term demonstration programme for the 22 – 23’ season.
This new model from Deutz Fahr fits in the popular mid weight category, features a wide range of new components and new ideas that should allow it to perform at the top of its class.

We will put the 8280 in the hands of operators whose opinion and ability local contractors respect, who are capable of giving the machine real consideration as to how it would work for them.

We’re after real feedback – as to their experiences with the machine, what works, what doesn’t, what they do and don’t like.

Along the way we’ll capture some action footage of the machine, the operators and will ask participants to provide some of that feed back. If there are problems we will look to capture them on camera, and we will also look to capture some detail of aspects such as fuel consumption, etc.”

You can follow all their updates on the 1000 Hour Project Facebook page by clicking here.