The All New Kioti HX

The All New Kioti HX

Kioti has entered its next chapter… and it’s bloody good. The all-new Kioti HX 130-140hp tractor.

If you’re after a no-nonsense top-quality tractor you found it here. It has a huge comfy cabin, easy-to-operate controls, a powerful engine and enough lifting capacity to pick up a truck. And that’s just the start. Read below to learn more about the top quality features but if you want the headline we can honestly say, it’s just a bloody good tractor.

Main Features Include:

- Powerful 130-140 hp engine
- 3.8 L common rail diesel engine
- 8-speed Powershift 8x2x2
- 32 forward 32 reverse
- 4853 kg unweighted tractor
- 118 L min rear hydraulic pump CCLS
- 165.3 L/min total
- LSD mechanical front axle
- Rear lift capacity of 4852 kg at lift point
- 5 pillar panoramic cabin

Link: Check Out the Bloody Good Tractor Here